Tasquinha da Linda

It is located in an old fishermen's warehouse, next to the Fort of Santiago da Barra and is far from being the little place that the name indicates. This is a restaurant specializing in fish and seafood that has quickly become a reference in Viana do Castelo and its surroundings, thanks to the freshness of the product and the quality of service.

Adress: Doca das Marés A-10 (Viana do Castelo)

Tasquinha da Linda

A Cabana

It is not a place for those who like tranquility or for those who do not support queues. The noise and clutter are as much a part of A Cabana as the great raw material it offers. And the name could not be more appropriate: it is, in fact, a restored-and tight-hut-where fish and shellfish are the stars of the company.

Adress: Avenida Marginal, Lugar de Cedovém, Apúlia (Esposende)


A cabana - Best sea food restaurant Porto

Praia Mar

In Caxinas, a land of fishermen, Praia Mar marks both the landscape - it is in a glass-fronted building, designed by Siza Vieira - as the stomach of all those who visit it. Not only for shellfish, of assured quality whatever the species or context, but also for fresh fish or even the black angus meat pieces.

Adress: Avenida Infante Dom Henrique, 58 (Vila do Conde)


Best Seafood - Praia Mar


Few mens understand about fish and shellfish in this region as much as José Silva, the manager of Toupeirinho. It may not be the size of neighboring houses but it does miss anything else.

Adress: Rua do Godinho, 27 (Matosinhos)

Best Seafood - Toupeirinho

O gaveto

Anyone who has a habit of disregarding the small restaurants of this country should look at this classic. For over thirty years, fresh fish and seafood have been used in the "Gaveto". The showcases and the giant aquarium always filled with lobsters give the motto to a meal that can (and should) include shrimp from the coast and local barnacles, caught in the zone of Angeiras.

Adress: Rua Roberto Ivens, 826 (Matosinhos)

Best Seafood Porto - O Gaveto


The stew and the seafood rice are the most famous dishes of the Zizi but you do not have to force the digestive system to exercise. This is because seafood is never lacking (and quality) to cook at the dose. The esplanade, in the sand of the beach of Aguda, is the best space to enjoy the meal during this time.

Adress: Rua do Mar, Praia da Aguda (Vila Nova de Gaia)

Best Seafood Porto - Zizi